Who we are



She is the commercial heart of the small company. After graduating in Languages, she decides to fully commit to the family business, as she firmly believes in the potential of the BaroccOro Jewels Brand and above all in the work and infinite creativity of her mother Marinella.

Her corporate role is to understand the artistic direction indicated by her mother Marinella and to maximize its potential by directing company commitments and then selecting partners, national and international trade fairs, in which she participates as a sales manager, and marketing choices towards a single direction capable of achieving the objectives shared in the company. She works in the management of direct, wholesale and online sales through the company website and the main marketplaces, and, apart from the choice of materials and related suppliers, which is managed by her mother Marinella, Marika is the person in charge to select the suppliers for logistic, financial and commercial management. Thanks to a long experience in the tourism sector, she has an excellent knowledge of English, French and Spanish in addition to his mother tongue Italian, therefore, she is the person appointed to maintain business relations and with foreign customers.


is the founder and designer of BaroccOro Jewels which, before becoming a successful brand, is a beautiful story of courage and commitment. Marinella Stornello was born into a family of photographers for three generations and, continuing the family business, she became a photographer herself.

Of Sicilian origins, Marinella grew up in Vigevano, where her father had successfully started a wedding and event photographer business. But Marinella also has another passion: that of jewelry. It is in Vigevano that she learns the various painting and ceramic processing techniques. At the age of 17, she left Vigevano to return to her homeland, Sicily. Here, after 25 years of activity, she decides to abandon photography and devote herself to her great passion. In 2011 she opened a small jewelry store in Ragusa Ibla with her husband and daughter, which still exists today. Then driven by the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes her family, she begins to personally produce the jewels for the shop, immediately meeting a good success. This is how the new collections were born, original ideas drawn from elements of the Sicilian tradition, such as prickly pears and pomegranates. Her inspiration derives precisely from the tradition and the millennial history of the island, which have always fascinated her since she was a child, when she returned to Sicily for the holidays in the summer. She was increasingly fascinated by the colors of the island, from the sea to the dry stone walls, the olive trees, the lava of Etna. Love that, initially, she expressed by painting landscape paintings. Despite the period of economic crisis, Marinella Stornello is completely dedicated to her work and her innovative creations, strongly believing in her passion. Thus the brand begins to establish itself and grow.