Who's Next - Parigi settembre 2023

Who's Next: Marinella Stornello, another beautiful experience made possible by the Sicilian region.

In September 2023, one of the most prestigious fairs in the fashion and accessories sector, Who's Next, was held in Paris. This international event represented a great opportunity for us to make ourselves known to an international audience and promote our brand both in Italy and abroad.

In this edition of Who's Next, we had the honor of presenting the creations of Marinella Stornello, one of the excellences of Sicilian craftsmanship. Marinella brought with her the beauty and authenticity of her work, representing the flagship of the Sicilian region.

Marinella's creations, made with skill and passion, are a true homage to the Sicilian artisan tradition. Visitors to Who's Next were enchanted by her jewelry, bags and unique creations. Each piece tells a story and brings with it the essence of Sicilian culture.

The participation of Marinella Stornello made our stand one of the focal points of the fair. We were grateful to the Sicily region for giving us the opportunity to promote our brand both in Italy and abroad. His presence attracted the attention of buyers, journalists and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world.

Our participation in Who's Next was an important milestone in the growth of our brand. We had the opportunity to make new acquaintances, forge collaborations and expand our network of contacts in the fashion and accessories sector. We were happy to be able to bring Sicilian craftsmanship outside of national borders and make it appreciated by an international audience.

We thank the Sicily region once again for supporting us and allowing us to promote our brand both in Italy and abroad. The presence of Marinella Stornello was fundamental to the success of our participation in Who's Next and we will continue to work with passion and dedication to carry forward the Sicilian artisan tradition in the world of fashion. We look forward to participating in new international fairs and making our creations increasingly known to the global public.