Partecipazione a Homi 18/21 febbraio 2023

Marinella Stornello at the international fair in Milan Homi: the new collection of bags and jewelery that won over Jo Squillo and the visitors

From 18 to 21 February 2023, the renowned international Homi fair was held in Milan. On this occasion, we had the pleasure of presenting the new collection of bags and jewelery by Marinella Stornello, obtaining great success and the approval of Jo Squillo, as well as numerous visitors.

The presence of Marinella Stornello at the Homi fair represented an important moment for our brand. His craftsmanship and creativity have given life to a one-of-a-kind collection of bags and jewelry. Each piece was made with care and attention to detail, bringing with it the essence of Sicilian craftsmanship.

During the event, we had the opportunity to organize two fashion shows, which allowed visitors to admire Marinella's creations up close. The atmosphere was electrifying and the creations won over the audience with their beauty and originality.

One of the prominent figures who appreciated our collection was Jo Squillo, a well-known singer and public figure. Her approval and support were a great recognition for our work and encouraged us to continue creating high-quality bags and jewelry.

But it wasn't just Jo Squillo who appreciated Marinella Stornello's creations. Visitors to the Homi fair were fascinated by the handcrafted details of the bags and the one-of-a-kind jewels. Our presence at the fair offered us the opportunity to make our brand known to an international audience and to create new business opportunities.

We are grateful for the affection and appreciation we received during the Homi fair. This event allowed us to consolidate our reputation as a quality brand in the handcrafted bags and jewelery sector. We will continue to work with commitment and passion to offer unique and high quality products to our customers.

We look forward to participating in upcoming international fairs and presenting new collections that bring with them the essence of Sicilian craftsmanship. Thanks again to everyone who appreciated our work and supported us during the Homi fair.