The process of ceramic making

The artisanal processing of BaroccOro Jewels ceramics: an excellence that passes through three firings

The craftsmanship of BaroccOro Jewels ceramics represents a unique and distinctive strong point. Each jewel is made by hand, with great care and attention to detail, by the skilled and expert hands of the artisans who work under the supervision of the designer Marinella Stornello.

The manufacturing process begins with the sculpting of the ceramic, which is shaped and shaped according to the desired design. Once this phase is finished, the pieces are put in the oven for the first cooking. During this phase, the ceramic undergoes a transformation thanks to the heat of the oven, which makes the material solid and resistant.

After the first firing, the pieces are hand painted with great precision and skill. It is in this phase that the details and decorations that make each jewel unique are brought to life. Once painted, the pieces are subjected to a second fire, which allows the colors to be fixed and given them shine.

But the real strength of BaroccOro Jewels ceramics manifests itself in the third and final firing. During this phase, the pieces are finished with pure gold, a precious material that gives a touch of luxury and refinement. The gold is applied with extreme precision and skill, making each jewel a true masterpiece.

To obtain the perfect fusion between the ceramic and the gold, the pieces are fired for the third time, at a temperature above 800°C. This process guarantees durability and unique resistance to BaroccOro Jewels jewels.

Accuracy and research into details are fundamental values ​​for BaroccOro Jewels. Each step of the manufacturing process is carried out with great precision and attention to detail, in order to guarantee the highest quality and beauty of the jewels.

The craftsmanship of BaroccOro Jewels ceramics is an excellence that gives the jewels uniqueness and value. Each piece is the result of extremely high-level craftsmanship, which translates into jewels of great beauty and quality.

Thanks to the passion and skill of the artisans who work at BaroccOro Jewels, ceramic jewels become true works of art to be worn with pride. The combination of the tradition of craftsmanship and the search for details makes BaroccOro Jewels jewels unique in their kind, capable of conquering anyone who wears them.

We will continue to work with commitment and dedication to carry on the artisan tradition of BaroccOro Jewels ceramics and offer jewels of the highest quality and beauty to our customers.