The lava of Etna, the strength of the volcano in our jewels

Marinella Stornello: The art of creating unique jewels with Etna lava

Marinella Stornello is a jewelry designer who stands out for her creativity and use of unique materials. One of its distinctive elements is the use of Etna lava in the creation of its jewels.

Marinella Stornello's jewels are made with great skill and passion, using precious materials such as 925 silver, volcanic lava, hand-painted ceramic, coral, pearls and semi-precious stones. Each piece is unique and brings with it the beauty and energy of nature.

The "pearls" present in Marinella Stornello's jewels are particularly interesting. Porous and rough textures can be seen, which give an aura of authenticity and originality. This effect is achieved thanks to the use of volcanic lava coming from the slopes of Etna. The lava is crushed and recomposed with the help of resins, thus taking on the desired shapes and colors.

The lava processing is an exclusive process carried out by BaroccOro Jewels, which allows this natural Sicilian material to be transformed into a decorative element of great impact. The lava is pulverized, colored and recomposed, becoming a perfect support and accompaniment for the ceramic pieces.

The use of Etna lava in Marinella Stornello's jewels gives them a unique charm and a connection with the earth and nature. Each piece becomes a symbol of strength and beauty, enclosing the volcanic energy and thousand-year history of Sicily.

BaroccOro Jewels is a brand that stands out for its attention to detail and the quality of the materials used. Each jewel is made with great care and dedication, respecting the art of craftsmanship and Sicilian tradition.

Marinella Stornello continues to amaze with her creativity and her ability to create unique jewels that tell stories and emotions. Thanks to the use of Etna lava, her jewels stand out for their originality and for their connection with the wonderful Sicilian land.

Wearing a Marinella Stornello jewel means carrying with you a piece of nature and beauty, a symbol of authenticity and personality. His passion for art and his mastery in the use of materials make each jewel unique and special.

BaroccOro Jewels and Marinella Stornello continue to amaze and conquer jewelry lovers with their creativity and dedication to the art of craftsmanship. Jewels made with Etna lava are a true tribute to the beauty of nature and the majesty of the Sicilian volcano.